The FBI has a name for the man, John Doe 8, and has been looking for him since 2005, when the video first appeared online.

The man seen raping a young child in a video that went viral across Facebook last week was no stranger to the FBI. The bureau has a name for the man, John Doe 8, and has been looking for him since 2005, when the video first appeared online, an FBI spokesperson told Fox News. 

About 32,000 people shared the video and more 5,000 clicked the "like" button on March 20, ensuring that the violent act spread across tens of thousands of timelines. Angry Facebook users who posted outraged comments on the link enabled to spread even further, as did hundreds of users who took to Twitter to complain. Facebook, which relies on obviously faulty software program to detect child porn, took eight hours to remove the clip.

In screen grabs from the video posted to the FBI website, you can see a profile of John Doe 8's face. He looks in his early 30s, with light brown hair and a quarter-sized circular mark on his right hand. He has a gold-colored ring on his left hand.

Earlier this week, another child porn video spread across Facebook, this time thanks to a virus that disguised the video as a innocuous link from a friend. Clicking that link exposed you to the video, but also gave the virus control over your account, allowing it to post links to the clip on all your friends' walls.

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