'Star Trek: Discovery' showrunner posts photo of new alien makeup


Photo via iffltd/Tumblr

Does this photo hint at an Andorian crewmember on the U.S.S. Discovery?

The new Star Trek series begins in five months, but we know precious little so far. Just the title (Star Trek: Discovery), the showrunner (Hannibal's Bryan Fuller), and a basic idea of the new starship's appearance, and what that might mean for the show's place in Star Trek history.

However, a new tweet from Fuller includes a strong hint that a familiar alien species may appear in the crew.

As several fans immediately pointed out, those antennae look like they belong to an Andorian.

Andorians are typically blue with white hair, but it's more likely that Star Trek: Discovery would just experiment with color variation rather than introducing a new species with the same antennae.

Along with humans, Vulcans, and Tellarites, the Andorians are one of the four founding species of the United Federation of Planets, Starfleet's governing body. And since they were never fully explored by any of the previous Star Trek series, there's plenty of room for new writers to flesh out Andorian culture and biology. In the spinoff novels, one intriguing (but canonically unconfirmed) detail stands out: Andorians have four sexes, differing from the male/female couples depicted among all the main humanoid species so far.

Of course, this will all be a moot point if those antennae belong to a different alien species, but luckily we may find out the answer very soon. Fuller recently said that he'd "spoiler it up" during the show's panel at the TV Critics Association, which takes place on Wednesday.

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