Check out the sexy new Galaxy Style 3DS XL from Nintendo


Photo via Nintendo (CC-BY-SA)

Why is Nintendo determined to make us buy multiple 3DS systems?

Just in case you wanted a reason to be dissatisfied with your 3DS, Nintendo has announced a brand new XL model for you to lust after: the Galaxy Style.

Announced Tuesday morning, the new model has all the same features of the previous 3DS XL models. Taking a page from Apple's instant access approach, the Galaxy style 3DS is shipping today and will be in stores and online this week. GameStop lists the actual release date as Sept. 2, but you can still preorder it now. Retailing for $199, it ought to give fans thinking about an upgrade a reason to pull out their wallets.

If you aren't a fan of gazing at the stars, the solid red and black options are still available, as well as those spiffy Monster Hunter Generations and Super Mario 3D Land editions.


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