The Daily Dot rounds up notable Twitter news and stories from the past week—in 140 characters or less.

With hundreds of millions of tweets per day, it’s impossible to follow everything happening on Twitter. Every Friday, the Daily Dot rounds up notable Twitter news and stories from the past week—in 140 characters or less.

  • TweetDeck (the company) may be shuttered after failing to file accounts on time.

  • On Twitter's site, links and @mentions noe become a different color and the text changes hue when you pass the character limit when tweeting.

  • You can track general Twitter opinion about Oscar nominees. So far, it seems people really don't like Zero Dark Thirty.

  • A proposed New South Wales law would ban courtroom tweeting.

  • In a neat project, a pair of artists drove to the location of geotagged tweets and took photos inspired by those messages.

  • Spammers grabbed the account of Doctor Who's Karen Gillan.

  • Canada's prime minister "sometimes" sends his own tweets.

  • A Liverpool FC soccer player quit Twitter for now after asking for a girl's number, except the other tweeter was apparently a guy.

  • Young Bahraini women are being recruited to halt the spread of false information on Twitter.

  • Worst news ever: Don't expect Jennifer Lawrence to use Twitter any time soon.

  • A Barcelona soccer player is looking for someone to tweet for him. And he's paying.

  • Golden Globe-winning director Michael Haneke does not dig the excellent parody account in his name. Ellen Page does, though.

The week's best new users: Tennis superstar Maria Sharapova already has more than 71,000 followers. Michelle Obama also joined Twitter, but for the second time, so it's a little less exciting.

Photo of the week: Vice President Joe Biden asked a question to a fictional character behind the Reddit AMA in his name via Twitter, collapsing the Internet's infrastructure in the process. He's a 'vette guy, didncha know? (@VP)

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