Gay soldier Randy Phillips launches Quicky News

quicky news
Famous for coming out on YouTube, Phillips will expand is brand further with a new channel that delivers daily news. 

Adding another medallion to his online popularity, gay American military member Randy Phillips launched news-focused YouTube channel on Sunday.

Famous for coming out on the video-sharing site, Phillips has maintained an active presence on YouTube since the repealing of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” His new channel, Quicky News, will offer a fast-paced, daily rundown of the news he deems important. The stories Phillips covers won’t be discussed for more than a minute to keep viewer's interest, he explained in the channel’s first video.

“If there is nothing that captures your eye, then you don’t have to spend ten minutes reading through it,” said Phillips in the three-minute welcome video, which has garnered more than 1,600 views. The first newscast will premiere in seven to ten days.

Phillips said he doesn’t want his channel to become like other long-winded, YouTube-based news channels. “We want something short, sweet, to the point,” he said.

He added that if there is nothing important in day’s news, Phillips won’t fill the video with filler but rather just skip it. Based in Germany, Phillips said if he is deployed or if he can’t host the segment, he will have a fill-in.

Phillips’s rabid fans have quickly latched on to his new channel and praised the new channel.

Quicky News has more than 2,000 subscribers, but the channel’s Facebook and Twitter followers lag in comparison with just 265 likes and 175 followers, respectively.

Numbers aside, people still need their Phillips fix: “Randy makes me Randy!” said noriceformeplz.

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