The Daily Dot would like to raise a glass to Cecilia Gímenez and her unrelenting desire to cast good unto this world. Ms. Gímenez, you get an A for effort.

You may remember Gímenez from August, when the Spanish grannie caught a late 15 minutes of fame after her ill-constructed restoration of a 19th century painting of Elías García Martinez's "Ecce Homo" fresco went Internet gangbusters.

Photo via Anonymous/Canvas

Well, hold onto your hats, because it turns out that Gímenez is back. This round it's on eBay, where the 80-year-old Spaniard is selling an original piece of art called "The Bodegas de Borja," a 45- x 34-inch framed painting that's signed by the artist herself.

The piece, which looks like a very nice painting of a Spanish house on a sunny day, is available for auction on the site until Tuesday, Dec. 18 at 7:56pm ET, at which point it will ceremoniously go to the highest bidder. After 31 bids, the item is currently going for €630,00, which translates roughly to $820 USD.

According to the item's description, Gímenez plans to donate the proceeds to a Christmas drive being held by a morning show DJ at her local radio station.

Cecilia Gímenez, ladies and gentlemen. God just gotta bless her.

Photo via Repollistas/Twitter