Bernie Sanders watching Trump and Clinton is the saddest meme of the debate

Bernie Sanders

Photo via Gage Skidmore/Flickr (CC-BY-SA)

Hillary Clinton may have “won” the presidential debate on Monday night (or was Donald Trump the victor?), but it was Bernie Sanders who reminded some voters how much they’ve lost. 

The Vermont senator and Clinton’s Democratic primary challenger posted a photo of himself watching the debate between Clinton and Trump, causing many of his supporters to crumble in despair. 

As the internet is wont to do, however, many began to remix the photo, bringing to life its meme spirit. 
While Clinton bested Sanders in the primary by nearly 3.8 million votes, many voters remain soured to the former secretary of state. The negativity that followed Clinton’s primary win began anew after emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee by hackers and leaked through WikiLeaks revealed that she received ample support during the primaries from the DNC. In general, she has failed to convince these voters of her progressive bonafides.

As of early August, roughly a third of Sanders’ supporters said they would not vote for Clinton in the general election. If that remains the case come Election Day, Nov. 8 could be a sad day for Clinton supporters, too.

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