Despite the risks, undocumented immigrants are finding ways to thrive online
There are nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants in America—and more of them are speaking out about their struggles and stereotypes.
Social media throttling in Turkey points to wartime censorship efforts
Turkey blocked access to three social media sites for seven hours on Thursday.
Hackers can track your keystrokes through your Wi-Fi signal
New research shows the invisible Wi-Fi signals all around us can betray our privacy.

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Digital Chaos finalizes its roster, adds former OG offlaner MoonMeander
MoonMeander is coming off a disappointing International.
Federal judge blocks North Carolina's HB2 bathroom law at UNC
HB2 was passed in March and has faced opposition ever since.
Police raid of anti-police corruption blogger's home deemed unconstitutional
A defamation claim filed by a local business owner was also tossed out.
Texas Tech football coach admits to using social media to spy on students
Texas Tech football coaches and staff are using photos of 'cute girls' to monitor student athletes.
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