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Is this the cat video to end all cat videos?

A montage of cat clips from 2005 to present is conquering YouTube today.


Jordan Valinsky


Maybe this will be the cat video that ends all cat videos.

Titled Meow Compilation, the four minute video stitches together monumental cat videos from the beginning of YouTube to present. It’s clawed up more than 54,000 views in one day, thus reinforcing the old adage that the Internet is run by cats.

The clip features cats jumping, being scared, sleeping, and being the notorious diabolical creatures that they are. The segment of cats slowing peering into frame and plotting their evil plans, starting at 1:22, is the best part. Maybe it’s for the best we don’t know what cats are thinking.

Reddit users noticed the video and decided that Russian and/or Japanese cats are the best as they seem to be the most dainty.

“I’m not surprised that all the Japanese pets are the cutest things ever. I’m sure they’ve purposefully been bred that way for ages,” wrote Klassen.

Meanwhile, the latest additions to Internet cat canon—arriving too late to make it into the video—are the prissy felines from Rich Cats of Instagram, a single-topic Tumblr that highlights the lavish, one percent lifestyles of cats.

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