We're All Gonna Die podcast discusses melania trump

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‘We’re All Gonna Die,’ Ep. 50: Highway to the ‘covfefe’ zone

The team talks ‘covfefe,’ Melania Trump, and ‘Top Gun.’


Ellen Ioanes


Where in the world is Melania Trump? She’s probably fine, but one thing is for sure: She definitely didn’t write that tweet proclaiming her health. 

On this week’s episode (our 50th!) of We’re All Gonna Die,  we wish a very happy anniversary to President Donald Trump and “covfefe.” Like his marriage anniversaries, this wasn’t an occasion the president acknowledged publicly, but we’re sure he and the small circle of people who know what “covfefe” means celebrated the day in their own ways.

Also on the pod: a net neutrality update, and the man who monetized his Facebook data.

Plus, Andrew Wyrich gets a grammar lesson, and everyone selects their own Top Gun-style call signs. Can you guess what everyone chose? 

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