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Twitter’s most interesting animals

Animals on Twitter who know how to mix it up with us humans. 


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Here at The Daily Dot we love our animals as much as Redditors love and hate bacon.

Especially animals on Twitter who know how to mix it up with us humans.

Here’s our top five Twitter critters:

@bronxzooscobra – New York’s favorite reptile who knows to get out and get down. His tweets are topical and still as funny as ever despite being caught.

@honeybadger – He only has 3,941 followers and I’m pretty sure “he doesn’t give a shit”. The account produces plenty of topical tweets to sink your teeth into, some of which are particularly poignant, like this one on the tsunami in Japan.

@sockington – This feline was once lost and is now Twitter’s top cat. The account takes you deep inside the mind of a cat while keeping an eye on the news.

@common_squirrel – He doesn’t have much to say because, well, he’s a squirrel. All the tweets about sniffing, jumping and sleeping accurately reflect the size of the rodents brain, small and simple.

@feral_pigeon – Unlike @honeybadger, this English fowl literally poops all over the place. Most of the tweets are mind numbingly simple but once in awhile you get a topical gem that makes you smile.

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