How long can you endure this Tom Waits and Nyan Cat mashup? 

Nyan Cat, meet the Nyan Rain Dog—better known as California songwriter and all-around strange bird Tom Waits.

He makes what you do look smooth.

Thanks to 24-year-old GIF creator Kyle Weir, the ever-popular Nyan Cat animation has made its way over to Tom Waits. In the original video uploaded to YouTube in March, the enigmatic songwriter is crouched over a Pop Tart guitar and galloping through space in style with a rainbow at his tail.

Over a slinky guitar melody lifted from a song that not even Shazam could identify, Waits takes his stab at the nyan cat’s iconic lyrics—”nyan nyan nyan nyan, nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan”—over and over again, for 3:25.

“This may be my new soundtrack for when people are talking to me and I’m not really listening,” Twitter user linzl tweeted on Friday.

If Nyan Waits at a 3:25 clip isn’t enough for you, there’s also nyanwaits.com, a site that runs the animated GIF on a continuous loop and allows you to brag about how long you endured on Twitter.

The Daily Dot’s highest recorded score so far: 68.8 seconds.

No doubt, it will make you realize just how long a minute can take.

Photo from Nyan Cats

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