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Fullscreen debuts trailers for its movies about YouTube stars

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In the wake of YouTube pouring money and attention into films centered around YouTube stars, Fullscreen debuted teaser trailers from two of its upcoming films—one documentary and one feature.

While the boys of Our2ndLife—a collaborative channel with a boyband-like fanbase—have gone their separate ways and are no longer producing content as a group, the film #O2LForever takes a nostalgic look into the phenomenon surrounding the band. The name might be ironic, but the teaser shows why even apart, the O2L boys might have a lasting digital legacy.

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The Outfield is a coming-of-age film starring two of Vine‘s biggest young stars, Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas. Dallas has already starred in one YouTuber film, Expelled. The teaser for The Outfield is extremely cryptic, just showing a boy running onto a baseball field with dramatic music playing.

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Grier and Dallas have both come under scrutiny for their behavior online in the past, but both have continued to enjoy massive popularity despite the backlash.

Neither film confirmed a release date.

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