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Screengrab via Vogue/YouTube

You learn so much!

Taylor Swift is the most recent celebrity to do Vogue‘s “73 Questions” webseries, and her episode is a good one.

Each video in the series follows a star through their home as they answer a series of 73 random questions about the things they like. It’s a little bit like a teen magazine personality quiz, but filled out by someone who’s much, much more famous than you. 

For Swift’s part, she walks us through her gorgeous Malibu home and reveals that chicken tenders are her favorite food and she “lost count” of how many guitars she owns in 2007.

As with most content in this genre, some of Swift’s answers are very #relatable, but others, like her birthday cake being “so good even Jay Z raved about it,” are a little less so. 

Here’s Taylor Swift awkwardly running on a treadmill
Now she's lying on the cold hard ground.
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