This Super Bowl commercial featuring Jason Momoa is really uncomfortable

Super Bowl ads are notoriously outrageous, but this 60-second Rocket Mortgage spot featuring Jason Momoa is making people online feel a certain way.

In the ad, Momoa describes the comfort of being able to unwind in his own home. Unfortunately, Momoa getting comfortable makes a lot of people uncomfortable. As he enters his home, the actor removes his hair, abs, and other muscles, revealing a slimmer, balding version of himself.

The “stripped down” Momoa may have ruined the illusion of perfection so many have associated with him.

“The Jason Mamoa commercial made me uncomfortable,” Twitter user @delilughhh wrote.

Online, the commercial has both amused and disgusted many fans.

“This was going to be my favorite commercial but they had to do this to Jason Momoa… nd I can’t watch this now y’all gone ruined him for me,” Twitter user @pettyasneeded wrote.


Some people still think “comfortable” stripped-down Jason Momoa could “get it.”

“Yeah Jason Momoa balding and ‘comfortable’ could still 1000000% get it lmfao,” Twitter user @stephyoo11 wrote.


Brooke Sjoberg

Brooke Sjoberg

Brooke Sjoberg is an editorial intern for the Daily Dot studying journalism at the University of Texas at Austin. She is also the Daily Texan's Life and Arts Editor and an editorial intern for Texas Connect magazine.