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Summer Walker accused of being rude to fan during meet-and-greet

There's an ongoing debate about it on Twitter since Walker is a known introvert.


Dominic-Madori Davis


Posted on Nov 10, 2019   Updated on May 19, 2021, 11:20 pm CDT

Summer Walker, who is known for having social anxiety and being an introvert, was called out on Instagram by a fan for barely speaking to her during a meet-and-greet. The interaction was captured in a screenshot and later posted to Twitter.

“Such an anticlimactic and disappointing experience meeting Summer Walker yesterday,” the Instagram caption, under a photo of Walker and the fan, reads. “Not only did she move the meet and greet last minute to after the show, the meet and greet itself was literally five seconds. We were informed to have our phones out, ready with flash, and not sit too close or touch her. She barely spoke to anyone, every couple of people she’d say ‘Hi.”'”

The woman wrote that Walker didn’t autograph anything for her.

“I sat around for hours trying to figure out what item of mine I wanted you to sign and what I might say to you. I didn’t even get an autograph. Granted I didn’t expect minutes of your time but I at least expected some sincerity,” she wrote.

She also made sure to note that she was now an ex-fan after the meet-and-greet.

“It was a big hurt piece for me because I really idolize her and her work. I knew she was an introvert and kind of closed off but there was no effort in this at all, whatsoever. For a fan who supports you and your music! Helps put money into your pocket. There was not a care or a sense of compassion for all the waiting and money spent into getting to that moment,” she wrote.

Now, there is an ongoing debate on Twitter about interaction. Some are standing up for Walker since she’s a known introvert, and the way the meet-and-greet allegedly went should have been expected.

“Look, I don’t even listen to Summer Walker but if she’s OPEN about being introverted and having social anxiety…why yall still buying tickets for live shows and paying for meet and greets just to complain that she ‘lacks stage presence’. You knew wtf was up. Leave her alone,” Twitter user @TypicalTweeter wrote.

But others noted, especially since money was involved, Walker should have done more to appease her fans.

“The people defending summer walker and these shifty ass meet and greets are trash. entitlement is not a factor when there’s money involved. if you are not that type of artist that wants fan interaction, then do not SELL meet and greet packages for your tours. DUH,” Twitter user @blacksocialite wrote.

Others also pointed out that if Walker is too shy, to the point where she can’t even meet fans, then perhaps she should not host meet-and-greets.

“Why would Summer Walker host a meet and greet knowing she has social anxiety and introverted af,” Twitter user @Tayygoldz wrote.

Walker previously announced that this would probably be her first and final tour–the tour is even called The First and Last Tour. She said during an Apple Music conversation with Ari Lennox that she would prefer to a “live a lovely and normal life.”


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*First Published: Nov 10, 2019, 1:22 pm CST