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Steve Martin to teach online comedy course

His Masterclass begins now.


Christine Friar


Bad at comedy? Find yourself wishing you were better?

Improv 101 may not need to be your first stop anymore. A subscription service called MasterClass announced this week that it will be offering an online curriculum from Steve Martin. Martin will host each video class and assign work in an accompanying workbook, plus students will have interactive add-ons like office hours, where they can upload video of themselves for Martin’s critique. The class seems isn’t an anomaly for the new company though, its entire launching roster appears to boast an all-star—and somehow-unrelated-to-Oprah’s-Master-Class-even-though-it’s-the-same-idea—celebrity. It also offers  TV writing classes from Shonda Rhimes, cooking classes from Gordon Ramsey, and film scoring classes from Hans Zimmer.

Best case scenario? It’s like University of Phoenix, except all of your professors are famous and hot. Worst case? It’s Trump University with a little more charm (and you’ve lost way less money).

Martin’s class will cost $90, and give enrollees access to more than 25 video lessons that cover topics like “finding your comedic voice” and “nailing an act.” Here’s the preview trailer:

Could be something! Could not!

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