Here’s the trailer for Smosh’s debut sitcom, ‘Part Timers’

Smosh new part timers series trailer

The new series is a marriage of branded YouTube content and digital television dreams.

After 10 years of creating content for YouTube, the Smosh channel is branching out to its first original scripted comedy series next year. It’ll be promoting a brand of razors along the way.

Creators Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox star in Part Timers, which follows the employees of a Chuck E. Cheese-like pizzeria and arcade called Pork E. Pine’s. The series explores the friendships of a group of misfits as they work for minimum wage, but end up having the best time. 

“Ten years ago we started this incredible journey with YouTube that has allowed us to create, do what we love every day and grow SMOSH beyond our wildest dreams,” said Padilla and Hecox via press release. “Part Timers is an important next step for us as we continue to expand creatively and build on our brand with programming that connects with our audience in new ways. We’re excited to embark on this next phase.” 

The trailer promises us a creepy mascot, ugly purple uniforms, an a lot of potentially inappropriate touching between co-workers.

While the series is supported by YouTube as part of its commitment to original programming, it’s not part of the YouTube Red original content initiative. That means Part Timers will live on ad-supported YouTube, not on the subscription-based model the company detailed last month. With Smosh’s 21 million subscribers, they’re poised to reach more viewers than traditional cable networks with the show.

The series, produced by DEFY Media, will also get additional support in the form of a branded partnership with Schik Hydro, a razor line. That means there will be integrations of Schik products into the story, as well as off-shoot bonus scenes and clips around the razors.

“SMOSH presented an exciting opportunity for Schick Hydro to connect with its core audience – who are just like this group of guys – through the creativity and humor that Anthony and Ian bring to every episode,” said Edgewell Personal Care Senior Brand Manager Anastasia Tobias in the press release. “We’ve enjoyed seeing how SMOSH’s lighthearted nature brings our brand to life and are excited to see the Part Timers series debut.” 

The series premieres Jan. 11 on the Smosh cannel.

Screengrab via Smosh/YouTube

Rae Votta

Rae Votta

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