If you’re already tired of playing Skyrim, you can head over to YouTube to watch compilations of the game’s glitches.

What’s more fun than clogging Reddit with hyped-up anticipation for the latest video game?

Laughing at its inevitable failures, of course.

In the three days since The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been out, YouTube has already been awash with funny videos showcasing its errors. An open world game with an enormous map and player experience, Skyrim has more than its fair share of funny glitches.

The game’s developers are already coming out with patches to resolve some of the sillier glitches, so rather than force you to recreate them, the Daily Dot has collected five of the best Skyrim glitch videos on YouTube:

The first one is a compilation by HouseholdGamer. This video saves the best for last, so be sure to keep watching until you find out what happens when you cast “Frost Form” on a steep hill.

In another video, a reporter over at IGNentertainment keeps trying to get married in the game. However, things go south when he tries to bring the bride a corpse as a wedding present…

Next, M4Production finds a way to break the game and crawl underneath the world map.

Nightmare Productions narrates his bizarre video of a disembodied horse with the profanity the occasion deserves.

Finally, YouTube user volound finds a silly glitch that will set you spinning. “wat,” is his only commentary.

Have you seen any strange Skyrim glitches? Be sure to send them in before they get patched.

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