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Here’s why you don’t sneak up on Riff Raff during a show

You can’t tip-toe around Riff Raff.


Audra Schroeder


It’s been quite a month for rappers getting physical with fans: First Run the Jewels were accosted during a South by Southwest gig, then Action Bronson personally hurled a fan off stage earlier this week. During a recent show, human meme Riff Raff proved no one tip-toes in their Jawwdinz around him. 

As Riff Raff posed for some photos during a song, a fan came up behind him and heartily slapped him on the back. A security guard, identified as Burly Boy Kane in the upload, was on it; he dolphin-dives out of nowhere and tosses the man back into the audience like chum.

We’re not sure why Riff Raff needs a security guard, what with his new diet, but this really is a beautiful set up and take down. The rapper didn’t mention the incident on Twitter, but he did mention his new line of fast food clothing. Hopefully that guy is recovering. 

H/T WorldStarHipHop | Screengrab via JodyHighRoller/YouTube 

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