Rick Astley’s Reddit AMA included quite a few rickrolls

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Rick Astley took to Reddit‘s r/Music on Friday to celebrate his latest album, 50, his first to be released in the United States since 1993’s Body & Soul. He wanted an AMA with his fans and what he got was a bunch of rickrolling instead.

Sure, some nuanced questions regarding his cinematic aesthetic, collaborations with SAW, and overall vocal range were mentioned. The real highlights were Astley playing along with rickrolls that he essentially paid forward.

Surely, an attention-grabbing question about the pop singer snorting drugs would get you to click on a link. What’s more addictive than celebrities behaving badly? Why, watching Astley earnestly reply to a carefully crafted rickroll.


Astley was down to answer another question about rickrolling that included rickrolling as well. Dude legitimately did cut a promo with Virgin and rickrolled the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. It was pretty memorable.

“It’s great people get to hear that song on the one hand, but there’s also a part of me that thinks some people are willing to kill me,” Astley eventually admit about rickrolling. He tried to stop it and has been putting out much more music than his 1987 breakout hit. For some reason, though, rickrolling just can’t give him up.

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