Robin Blomberg’s song is catchy, but can it help Reddit climb to the top of the pop charts?

A 19-year-old Swedish man may take Reddit to the top of the pop charts.

Robin Blomberg’s “Generic Pop Song” is a relentless attack of fist-pumping euphoria, the type of uplifting pop that would make Katy Perry flip her lid. And according to r/reddittotop, a new subreddit bent on creating a Billboard 100 hit, it just might be the base track to Reddit’s first pop song

Blomberg, who composes everything from ambient music to soulful hip-hop but holds a dream of one day producing “arena-type house hits,” told the Daily Dot that it took him nearly as long to upload the song to Soundcloud as it did for him to write it.

“The moment I saw the thread, I decided I’d make a quick attempt and see how well it was received,” he wrote. “The submitted version was made in almost an hour.”

Redditors started remixing the track with their own contributions almost immediately after hearing the cut. On a new thread, Redditor memefilter added lyrics and threw out the song title “Forever Alone,” while others, like redditor gabeasl, contributed to vocal tracks.

But the music stopped shortly thereafter. The subreddit started to dry out on Monday, and by Tuesday afternoon, the thread’s first page had become flooded with cries to help revive the project.

“That was bound to happen,” Blomberg wrote of the waning enthusiasm. “But I have faith in the project. We have a bunch of volunteers and submissions already, with new key people emerging every day, so I’m sure it won’t all go to waste.”

Can those propelling the project save the sinking ship? Redditors have proven time and time again that the community’s capable of anything if it sets its collective mind to it. Now, if those involved with reinventing hitsville could just focus on locking down a singer, we may have a hit on our hands.

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