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Internet sensation Poppy is being sued for copyright infringement

Did the weirdest YouTube pop star copy someone else’s style?


Jay Hathaway


Poppy, the pop star and YouTuber whose mysterious videos have earned her a cult-like following, is being sued for copyright infringement, TMZ reported Tuesday.

Brittany Sheets, aka Mars Argo, is a singer, photographer and video creator who formerly collaborated with Poppy’s producer, Titanic Sinclair. She alleges that Titanic stole her ideas and aesthetic and used them to create the Poppy persona.

Mars also claims Titanic, whose real name is Corey Mixter, was abusive and manipulative when they were in a relationship, and that he stalked her online and in person after they broke up.

Her 39-page complaint, filed in California, cites several specific instances where Poppy’s videos, outfits, and poses appeared similar to Mars Argo’s. She claims Poppy, whose legal name is Moriah Rose Pereira, is a natural brunette and died her hair blond when she started working with Titanic, a move she says was specifically intended to appropriate the Mars Argo style.

The complaint also mentions these two “Delete Your Facebook” videos, the first by Mars and the second by Poppy:

Of particular interest to Poppy fanatics is a reference to a Mars Argo video called “Everybody Wants It All,” which was uploaded by a friend of Titanic’s. The video was exactly 3:36 long, and Poppy has used the number 3:36 in several of her videos, leading fans to speculate there was some connection between Poppy and Mars. In the lawsuit, Mars claims this was done without her permission and accuses Titanic of trying to make it look like Poppy was a continuation of Mars Argo.

Mars is suing for the profits she claims Poppy and Titanic made using her ideas, plus damages for emotional and financial hardship stemming from Titanic’s alleged domestic violence.

Update Sept. 18, 1pm CT: The lawsuit against Poppy and Titanic Sinclair has been dismissed.


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