PewDiePie makes his TV debut on ‘South Park’

PewDiePie on South Park Voice Over

The world’s most famous gamer will take part in the Comedy Central series.

PewDiePie, also known as Felix Kjellberg, may be the world’s most famous gamer and YouTuber, but he achieved another level of stardom Wednesday when he was immortalized forever as a South Park character.

Kjellberg will feature on a new episode of the Comedy Central series that tackles the world of video game streamers. Cartman becomes an overnight sensation when streams of his comments on video games go viral, a nod to the rabbit-hole quality of YouTube entertainment. In a teaser clip, Cartman even pulls off some PewDiePie-like moves during his filming.

Another teaser for the episode that features Kjellberg call it the “biggest celebrity cameo ever,” which may very well be true since Kjellberg has more than 32 million YouTube subscribers.

The 25-year-old Kjellberg will make his Comedy Central South Park debut on Dec. 3.

H/T Tubefilter | Screengrab via South Park Studios/YouTube

Rae Votta

Rae Votta

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