Mashup video brings out the worst in Olympic commentators

The Golden Rule apparently doesn't apply when you're competing for Olympic gold. 

Mar 3, 2020, 3:38 am*


Jordan Valinsky 

Jordan Valinsky

The Olympics attracted top athletes from around the world at the peak of their physical condition. But if you listened to the commentators on NBC, you might have thought that everyone was terrible.

A new mashup video, appropriately titled “American Olympic Commentators are Dicks,” highlights all the biting criticism lofted from NBC’s commentators toward the athletes. The two-minute video, which was pulled from YouTube on Tuesday, was created by, an offshoot of College Humor.

In the two weeks of Olympic Games, the commentators said the athletes were (in some form or another): fat, terrible, cry babies, not talented, lucky to be at the games, medal-less for a reason, losers, barely mediocre, disappointing, unacceptable, and too obsessed with Twitter.

They even managed to turn positive words, like unbelievable, into disparaging and critical remarks that would make a weightlifter cry.

The most cunning criticism came from NBC’s diving color commentator Cynthia Potter, who would probably tell a kid on crutches that his form was not vertical enough and kick him down a flight of stairs. We heard her say, and with such vigor, the words “no,” “not likely,” “terrible,” and “not good enough.” She must be a wonderful mother.

Some of the clips were edited to turn a few comments into negative remarks. Regardless, these  announcers should deserve a medal of some sort for such snarky criticism.

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*First Published: Aug 14, 2012, 3:40 pm