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Listen to ‘Old Town Road’ remade with only horse sounds

I’m gonna horse my horse to the old town horse.


David Britton


Old Town Road,” the hip-hop/country hit that’s inspired both controversy and a mountain of memes, has now been remade into a horse-centric version that’s every bit as bizarre as it sounds.

The original song (and video), by Lil Nas X, was already pretty heavy in the horse department. In fact, the full name of the song is “Old Town Road (I Got The Horses In The Back)” but YouTube sound artist KNOH decided to take things to their natural horsey conclusion by sampling horse sounds and remaking the entire song.

“I decided to remake Old Town Road by Lil Nas using only horses samples!” he says in the video description “Horses are surprisingly musical.”

We’ll let you be the judge of that.

If this all isn’t odd enough for you, the video also features the artist making a bunch of horse puns using an ASMR voice.

A quick look through his channel reveals KNOH’s passion for this kind of remake. For instance, he made a version of “Flossin” using only dental floss and version of Dillion Francis’ “Look at that Butt” using only the sound of his own farts. It’s pretty gross but undeniably creative.

“Old Town Road” seems to be inspiring all kinds of remakes and remixes. There’s a video which shows a google image for every single world of the song, an all-string version and, for some reason, a version that removes every other beat, among others. Given the song’s immense popularity and the fact that its rise to fame came mainly through its viral spread on the internet, maybe this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

One thing is for sure: Lil Nas X must be happy with the strange, yet lucrative, turn of events.


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