Can you watch all 19 of these sorrowful and heartwarming clips on YouTube without shedding a tear? There’s only one way to find out. 

Do you have a heart made of stone? Find out with the 19-video “No Cry” Challenge on YouTube.

The goal is to make it through all 19 videos without shedding a tear.

The challenge runs its viewers through an emotional gamut of everything from Disney Pixar’s Up and to a Thai life insurance commercial to comedian Andy Griffith’s tragic account of losing his daughter to cancer.

The challenge received a lot of attention Monday after a comment on Reddit linked to the challenge and received over a 1,000 upvotes. The comment was originally posted in a Reddit thread featuring a YouTube video of a scientist’s emotional account of exploring the Titanic.

Many viewers could not even make it through the first video of the challenge.

“I lost on the first one,” said KNessJM in a comment on the original Reddit thread.

“Fell at the very first hurdle,” said MsHumdrummer via a comment on the first YouTube video of the challenge.

Make sure that you have some time set aside for the challenge: the entire 19-video series runs over 80 minutes.  

Photo by Arturo J. Paniagua


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