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Netflix is getting into true crime with new series ‘Making a Murderer’

Meet Steven Avery.


Christine Friar


Netflix is premiering a new true-crime docuseries Dec. 18, and it’s like Serial met The Jinx and had a creepy, compelling love child. 

Making a Murderer catalogues the life of Steven Avery, a regular guy living in middle America who keeps getting charged for crimes he claims he hasn’t committed. 

The story starts in 1985, when Avery was wrongfully convicted of raping a woman named Penny Beernsten. Eighteen years later, he was exonerated and released after DNA evidence proved his innocence. Then, two years after that—in the middle of a $36 million lawsuit against the DA and law enforcement who’d overseen the investigation—Avery finds himself the prime suspect in a new case. This one’s for murder.

According to Netflix:

“Making a Murderer examines allegations of police and prosecutorial misconduct, evidence tampering and witness coercion. The filmmakers look at what went wrong in the first case and question whether scientific advances and legislative reforms over the past three decades have gotten us any closer to delivering truth and justice in the system. 

The series will be 10 episodes long, and if the trailer’s any indicator, it’s going to be amazing. 

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