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Netflix launches ‘Flixtape’ feature for sharing video playlists

A shareable queue for dads and lovers.


Christine Friar


Tired of telling your dad to check out Breaking Bad every time he asks for a TV recommendation? Live far away from your bae and trying to stream things together to close the gap? Netflix just launched a new feature that might help you out. 

It’s called Flixtapes, and the idea is pretty simple: What if you could create and share playlists of TV and movies with the people around you? It’s basically taking the company’s old queue feature and making it more customizable and social. Instead of one monstrous “to watch” list, you can create lots of different lists for moods or events. All your favorite Christmas movies can be in one place. Or your favorite sitcoms. 

And unlike a Spotify or YouTube playlist, it doesn’t auto-play the content back-to-back. Flixtapes just compiles all the links for you, allows other people to preview what you’ve selected, and makes it easy for anyone to start watching something on the list if they feel so inclined. 

To show just what the feature is capable of, Netflix curated a few Flixtapes of its own: “The Summertimes Flixtape,” “The Kiss and Tell Flixtape,” and “The Family Reunion Flixtape.”

Now get to curating.

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