Tiff over Minecraft comes full circle

The creator of Minecraft and Yogscast, the comedy team that dedicates itself to the game, seem to be making up after a public tiff.

Mar 3, 2020, 10:24 am*


Fruzsina Eördögh 

Fruzsina Eördögh


The name-calling drama between a video game creator, and a group of guys who became famous providing commentary for that same video game, has come to a full circle.

Earlier this week, as the Daily Dot reported, Notch, the creator of Minecraft,  released a string of tweets expressing his disappointment with Yogscast, a group of Minecraft commentators (two guys and a camera woman who doubles as a spokesperson) who make witty comments and story arcs while playing the game. The group has amassed a large following after they began posting the videos to YouTube.

The issue? Notch didn’t approve of the comedic group’s cursing during a panel at a recent convention. (Rumors have it that Notch was approached by parents offended by Yogscasts’ colorful language.) He called the comedic group “total dicks,” and “spoiled divas” in his Twitter feed.  Notch even wrote he would not be working with the group any more following their behavior at Minecon, the Minecraft convention.

Minecraft fans were eager to hear Yogscast’s side of the story—finally released late yesterday via a lengthy Reddit post. (That Reddit post quickly hit the front page of the site’s Minecraft section.)

In the post, the group wrote they were “very disappointed”  and “surprised and confused” by tweets, saying Notch is someone “we admire and respect.”  They brushed off Notch’s behavior by saying he was probably tired from the DeadMau5 party, something Notch himself admitted over Twitter.

The post went on to address the use of expletives during their MineCon presentation:

“We apologise for this, but had rehearsed the whole show in front of the organisers and half of Mojang and they had approved it,” they wrote. “We were given no guidelines or oversight in the weeks leading up to Minecon and there were ample opportunities at the rehearsal for Mojang to inform us of problems, such as being careful about swearing, which is pretty common in our youtube videos.”

The group also denied telling a child to “fuck off” or demanding to be paid, charges Notch leveled against the group on Twitter.

The Yogscast crew also updated their YouTube account with a short video telling their fans to check out the Reddit post for a lengthy explanation. That video has been viewed almost half a million times in under 24 hours.

And just a couple of hours ago, Notch, perhaps taken by Yogscast’s apology, apologized himself.

“Hey, @yogscast! I’m sorry about being a dick.” he tweeted.

All’s well that ends well?

Some redditers (and YouTubers) weren’t satisfied.

“Notch insults them over cryptic twitter messages, despite the fact they paid out thousands of pounds to travel to his poorly managed convention. That’s messed up and deeply unprofessional” commented Silversuns on the reddit thread.

Many others agreed, like Tarquin_McBeard, who wrote “notch was being completely unprofessional by airing his dirty laundry in public.”


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*First Published: Nov 24, 2011, 3:59 pm