YouTube beauty queen Michelle Phan launches Icon, a global lifestyle network

Michelle Phan launches ICON

Phan is joining forces with a stable of lifestyle stars to create a new network.

Michelle Phan has conquered the world of YouTube beauty, now she’s branching out and making herself  an even bigger brand with Icon, her own multichannel network for lifestyle content.

At press time on launch day, Icon already has 380,000 subscribers and counting. In Phan’s own words, the network is a place for “collective moments to become memories we all can share together.”

The network’s more business-focused trailer celebrates the collective reach of the stars already signed on to the network, with a counter streaming their combined views easily into the 20 million range—without Phan’s contribution of her own 7.5 million fans.

Phan isn’t going it alone. She’s partnered with Endemol Beyond, and the network will be launching a plethora of beauty and lifestyle shows helmed by its stars, from a Dumpster-to-DIY fashion series to a makeover prank show featuring celebrities.

Phan has branched out beyond her YouTube presence before, helming ipsy, a digital destination for makeup fans. She’s also partnered with L’Oreal for a makeup line. Endemol has been developing new digital content for the past year, with its Originals and Reality lines launching several series. The combination of these two digital powerhouses joining forces in the booming business of lifestyle content is a recipe for success.

Screengrab via Michelle Phan/YouTube

Rae Votta

Rae Votta

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