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This is why it’s awesome to fly with the cast of ‘The Lion King’

This plane had some unique in-flight entertainment. 


Audra Schroeder


Sitting on a runway is never fun, especially if you’re sitting next to a Talker or a Snorer. What if you were sitting next to the very excited cast of a Broadway musical?

The cast of the Australian production of The Lion King was recently on a Virgin flight from Brisbane to Sydney, and according to the video description, after their season launch announcement, the cast members “felt so elated they decided to sing the ‘Circle of Life’ prior to take off on their flight back to Sydney!”

And sing they do, to a flight full of cast and non-cast.


Sure, this could just be some sort of cute promo for Virgin  they’ve already proven themselves savvy marketers   but if it is, at least it’s somewhat genuine. And at least it was an uplifting song, and not, like, “I Dreamed a Dream.” Who else thought the toddler walking down the aisle towards the end was going to be raised above someone’s head?


H/T Hypervocal Screengrab via DisneyOnBroadway/YouTube


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