‘Lazer Team’ sequel headed to YouTube Red

The Lazer Team will be back in action on YouTube Red, with a sequel to the platform’s first narrative feature coming “soon.”

“We don’t know when you can see it,” says Lazer Team star Gavin Free in a promotional clip.

Adds fellow star Burnie Burns, “Movies do take a little while.”

The original Lazer Team came from a successful Indiegogo campaign by the Rooster Teeth gang. They raised $2.4 million from 37,493 backers to produce the film, which was then picked up for distribution by YouTube as part of its initial Red subscription offering. 

The plot follows a ragtag group of astronauts who accidentally activate individual pieces of a space suit designed to defend Earth against alien invaders, and must work together to save the planet. No word on exactly what they’ll do in a sequel.

Rae Votta

Rae Votta

A former YouTube reporter for the Daily Dot, Rae Votta has more than a decade of experience in the digital and entertainment industries. Her work has appeared on AOL, Huffington Post, Out Magazine, Logo, VH1, Current TV, Billboard, and NYMag. She joined Netflix in 2016.