Kate McKinnon impersonates Ruth Bader Ginsburg, insults Donald Trump

Kate McKinnon might be swamped with Ghostbusters press, but she still made time to whip out her Ruth Bader Ginsburg impression for MSNBC’s Republican National Convention coverage Wednesday.

It all started in early July when Ginsburg went on the record stating that she thinks Donald Trump is a “faker” and an unfit presidential candidate. 

In traditional Trump fashion, he tweeted his dissatisfaction with her remarks:

But Weekend Update host Colin Jost gave Ginsburg a chance to defend her honor Wednesday night in a very special convention edition of Saturday Night Live‘s news segment they called Gins-burns. 

Something tells us this is the closest we’ll ever get to hearing RBG say, “Look, if my mind is shot, then Donald Trump’s mind is shot, stabbed, strangled, put in a vat of wet cement, and dumped in the Gowanus canal.” 

H/T E! News

Christine Friar

Christine Friar

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