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Snoop Dogg wins the award for best reaction to Kanye West’s rant

Martha Stewart’s cooking partner is not amused.


Samantha Grasso


If there’s anything Snoop Dogg has learned in his 24 years as a performer, it’s that Kanye West must be on something much stronger than weed.

On Sunday, Nov. 20, the rapper took his mind off his money to share some thoughts on West’s latest rant during the Sacramento stop of his Saint Pablo tour. At the show West appeared an hour late, performed less than three songs, then went on a 40-minute political rant that even attacked Beyoncé and Jay-Z. He then promptly dropped the mic and ended the show early.

Snoop was less than impressed with Kanye’s musings, and he posted a series of video reactions to Instagram the morning after the show. And Snoop Dogg’s commentary could not be more hilarious. Honestly, it’s what we were all thinking about Yeezy’s latest episode but were too afraid to tweet aloud.

In the first vid, Snoop lit up, as evidenced by the refection of his laptop, then proceeded to call Kanye, “crazier than the shit I got on my head.” That SMH at the end said it all.

In his second clip, Snoop made a face that looked like he just smelled the scent of burnt pie rising from the oven on Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. “I can’t believe he’s still talking,” he said. Yeah, Snoop, neither can America.

Snoop wrapped up his three-part dramedy reaction with his diagnosis of the situation, suggesting Ye should have saved his rant for a crowd that… shared his political fervor. ”I smoke weed, and weed don’t make you do that—what the fuck is he on?” Snoop asked.

West’s rant on Saturday is one of a few erratic moments he’s had over the course of this past week. Two days prior to his Sacramento show, West launched into a rant at his San Jose show and endorsed President-elect Donald Trump, despite his wife Kim Kardashian having publicly pledged to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Then on Sunday, West cancelled his Los Angeles concert just three hours before showtime.

Kanye’s next set is set for Tuesday in Fresno, California, though LA Times journalist Gerrick D. Kennedy reported that the rest of the tour may be cancelled.

As for Snoop Dogg, he’s proven himself to be a star commentator when it comes to Kanye rants and animal fights. The next time Ye goes off-script, heaven forbid, we can browse the internet knowing the D-O-Double-G will have an entertaining hot take up his sleeve.


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