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Kim, come get your man.

Last night at a concert in San Jose, California, Kanye West took fans for a ride—unfortunately, no, it was not on his floating stage.

Throughout his set the performer sprinkled in political arguments, and at one point said that he didn’t vote. But if he had, said West, he would have pulled the lever for President-elect Donald Trump.

Makes sense, he did depict the Donald in the “Famous” music video alongside fellow 2016 iconoclasts. West’s shocking late endorsement was then met with booing from a restless crowd.

Among his other pieces of political advice were for black people to “stop focusing on racism,” and an endorsement to “build the wall.”

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To the comfort of West fans, the artist is still committed to running for president in 2020, and alluded to having a political model in mind.

Though fans and pundits alike are probably wondering if West will get around to voting for himself when the time comes.

We’re not sure if he’s serious or if this rant is just performance art. After all, he did attend a political fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, and his wife pledged publicly to vote Clinton.

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