segway cover of justin bieber


Welcome to the future.

Hyperwalks? Segways? Hovertrax? Do we have a definitive name for these things yet? Wheel-e-boards? Whatever they are, they’re the hot new transportation accessory for Hollywood’s elite. And now they’re being incorporated into some pretty incredible choreography. 

Choreographed and directed by David Moore, who’s repped by viral dance network DanceOn, this cover of Justin Bieber‘s “What Do You Mean?” is an amazing feat of balance and flow. Five dancers bob and weave through a studio space on their transport devices, channeling Bieber’s pain into… something. If anything, this video signals that it’s time to work on your core. 

Just imagine a future where, on Saturday night, the dancefloor at your favorite club is cluttered with people on Wheel-e-boards. Just imagine. 

Screengrab via davidmooretv/YouTube 

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