kimmel sick food

Would you serve your children pre-chewed food for a chance at YouTube fame? 

Jimmy Kimmel is back with another YouTube challenge, and like prior challenges, this one involves torturing children.

The late night host asked parents to serve their children pre-chewed food. The “prank” was dubbed the “Silverstone” challenge, because Kimmel was inspired by a video of actress Alicia Silverstone doing the same thing (except Silverstone fed her child like how a bird would—mouth to mouth).

The children in the challenge were visibly disturbed upon inspection of their food. Almost all of them cried, shouted “ewwwwww,” and some of them even threw tantrums at the dinner table.

“Honestly, I’m 23 and I’d probably cry and scream too,” wrote iwantcompletecontrol in a top comment on YouTube.

“Hi, Jimmy Kimmel… you suck,” said one sassy preteen girl on camera, upon learning why her food was all mashed up. Another little girl called Kimmel “sick.”

Kimmel’s response to the allegations?

A nonchalant shrug of the shoulder. 

Jimmy Kimmel makes children cry
Jimmy Kimmel didn't expect so much crying when he tossed parents a nugget of comedy gold, suggesting, "Tell them you ate their Halloween candy." 
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