Jimmy Kimmel anchors this week’s best in Reddit Q&As

Jimmy Kimmel came close but couldn't beat out 101-year-old Mildred Jordan as the most popular live interview on Reddit this week.


Kevin Morris


Published Feb 28, 2012   Updated Jun 2, 2021, 8:47 pm CDT

Sorry Jimmy Kimmel. Redditors have voted, and they’d rather speak to a 101-year-old woman than you.

Centenarian Mildred Jordan scored the most popular live interview (“ask me anything,” or AMA) on the social news site this week, with Kimmel pulling in at a close second.

The late night host might have stood a chance—if only he’d started his AMA a little earlier.

It was already 11:30 a.m. EST on Friday night when Kimmel took to the Reddit stage. Considering about a third of the United States was either drunk or asleep at the time, the more than 4,000 comments generated by Kimmel’s interview is actually quite impressive.

Other highlights this week included Erik Griffin from the Comedy Central show Workaholics, two cameramen from the TV show Cops, and a tree-planter from Canada, whose AMA was perhaps the most boring to ever make it into our weekly list (FYI: He plants trees, not seeds).

Below, we’ve compiled the top seven posts (seven being our lucky number) from Reddit’sr/IAmA this week, as voted by redditors themselves. We’ve also included a sample question and answer from each. For the complete list, check here.

A note on terminology: AMA stands for “ask me anything,” while “IAmA” is simply “I am a;” AMAA means “ask me almost anything.”

1. I am 101 years old. AMAA

Q: What were you doing: *When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor? *When Kennedy was assassinated? *When we landed on the moon? (TwoCatsGrinding)

A: Pearl harbor, i woke up to a frantic home. I remember my family trying to hide in the cellar… We thought the attack was going to continue to us. We were all glued to the radio.
JFK – I was at work at a printing press. (the hustler printing company in Denver) a coworker came in an told me and my husband. I called the rest of my family and told them to turn on their radios. We couldn’t afford a tv.
Moon- I will Never ever forget that feeling. We were silent around the tv as the man stepped out of the plane onto the moon. I remember feeling so hopeful for us a race. I remember how dead quiet the whole family was.

2. AMA JIMMY KIMMEL… online now for your enjoyment

Q: What was your favorite part of having Lady Gaga on your show again? (Abyssss)

A: she talked to my parents (who just “happened” to be sitting outside her dressing room) for 45 minutes after the show. That is a kindness I won’t forget


3. I’m Griffin Kiritsy, also known as the College Freshman meme. Ask me anything.

Q: In what ways has being a meme had a negative effect on your life? (GODFATHER_OF_REDDIT)

A: I haven’t really had any negative effects from it. People have come up to me and recognized me as “that guy” but other than a few hundred random friend requests and follower requests there hasn’t been too much of a positive effect either. I haven’t had intercourse as a direct result of my internet fame either. Yet.

4. We are Carfly and Chambo, Cameramen from the TV Show COPS. Ask Us Anything!

Q: Have you ever had to help an officer/ defend yourselves? (Yaloid)

A: Yes, I have helped an officer get someone into custody before. I haven’t had to defend myself on the show, but have defended the officer from people coming to his back. These things happen less than you would imagine, but they do happen sometimes. Our primary job is to tell the story. We are television people, and not police officers.

5. IAmA ragtime pianist- starting in five minutes, AMA (read as: songs/artists) and I will play it back to you as ragtime, live via UStream.

[The poster closed the feed and hasn’t provided a recording.]

6. IAMA a veteran treeplanter of 7 years and planted more than 3 quarter of a million tree in British-Columbia. AMA

Q: Do you need a lot of physical fitness, did you eat a lot to sustain long highly active shifts? Hows your back? (SANTORUM_SUNDAE)

A: Good fitness always helped for sure.. It’s weird because my back is fine, but my right wrist in which I hold my shovel is a bit destroyed.


Q: How much of the show is improvised versus tightly scripted? (AddictiveSoup)

A:  Probably 80% script. They always ask me to do the script version first, then have a little fun. But the scripts are very funny, there are a ton of laughs at the table reads.

Image by Ken Conley

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*First Published: Feb 28, 2012, 10:05 pm CST