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Screengrab via Jake Sirianni/YouTube

Student makes the most convincing case ever for open ‘Tonight Show’ internship

He’s got the lyrical skills.


Michelle Jaworski


Internships are more competitive than ever, so one person vying to work for Jimmy Fallon put himself at the center of a Tonight Show classic to stand out from the crowd.

Along with his application for a Tonight Show internship, Jake Sirianni include a video of his own to make his case. He took one of Fallon’s most popular viral videos—Daniel Radcliffe’s performance of Blackalicious’ “Alphabet Aerobics”—and edited himself into the video as he pitched why he would make a good intern. What makes it even more impressive is that he rewrote the entire song to cater specifically to Fallon and company. Here’s one snippet of Sirianni moving from B to C: 

Studio 6B, with Jimmy Fallon next to me
Do you need an intern? Cause I’m gettin’ a degree in this
Communication. NBC’s the station to view content creation from the Comcast corporation

He’s got the editing skills, and he’s already got the beginning of a viral hit on his hands after a friend posted it to Reddit.

Sirianni, a student Washington State University who’s also studied comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre Training Center, is really putting himself out there. His YouTube summary links to his cover letter, which includes a full bio, his LinkedIn profile, and his email address.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, so even if you don’t find the rap funny, chances are the people who it’s supposed to impress might: Fallon and his staff.

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