Jim Carrey drawing of Michael Cohen


Jim Carrey’s latest portrait inspiration is Michael Cohen

This one landed with its own controversy.


Ramon Ramirez


Jim Carrey‘s streak of illustrating political leaders he mostly dislikes continued this week as the comedian tweeted his latest unveiling: President Donald Trump‘s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, who by the way was recently raided by the FBI. He offered two Cohen illustrations—and the announcement of one sparked controversy.


“Is there a short bus to take ‘all the best people’ to prison?” Carrey wrote in a caption. The tone-deaf phrasing sparked an immediate backlash. Connecting a floundering lawyer to people with disabilities is mean-spirited and an insult to people with disabilities, and users said as much:


But not so fast. In Canada, some users said, the short bus is the bus that takes people to prison. Carrey is from Ontario, after all.

jim carrey short bus

Carrey’s been a U.S. fixture long enough to know better, though. All the same, his art is snowballing by the day. After re-imagining TrumpSarah Huckabee SandersScott PruittMark ZuckerbergSteve Bannon, John Bolton, and Sean Hannity, we’re still holding out hope that he draws Sen. Bernie Sanders supporters costing Hillary Clinton the election.


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