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The current American Idol judge is the latest star to use Eqal to build an self-centered social network. 

Feeling the need to remind people that she’s still kind of relevant, Jennifer Lopez is unveiling a new website Monday night.

The former chart topper and current American Idol judge will host a live webcast at 7 pm Eastern Time to announce her “ultimate online fan community,” according to her press release, which thankfully doesn’t smell like her perfume. The relaunched site will feature behind-the-scenes photos, important life updates about the diva, and a blog with guest bloggers.

The four fans of Lopez seemed somewhat happy with the news. Yoan2003 wrote, “Today is the day!!!! Cant wait.” And camillabschiavo, who appears to have some eye allergies, commented on the blog post.  “OMG! Today *_*.”

Lopez’s website is operated by Eqal, which basically builds social network-like sites for ego-craving stars to provide yet another outlet for them to be annoying. She is the latest and probably most popular star to join Eqal’s growing stable of virtual celebrity shrines.

Other Eqal-built sites include fan communities for MSNBC talking head Meghan McCain, novelist Lauren Conrad, and Mariah Carey’s husband Nick Cannon.

Although the webcast’s “surprise” announcement isn’t for a few more hours, there is a little bit of me hoping it’s for a Maid in Manhattan sequel.

Photo via JenniferLopez.com

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