Jake Paul Tana Mongeau wedding brawl


Jake Paul, Tana Mongeau supposedly got married—and then a brawl broke out

Is any of this real?


Josh Katzowitz


Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau are married—or so they would have you believe.

Less than three months after the two supposedly began a relationship that quickly became an apparent engagement in Las Vegas, Paul and Mongeau had a wedding ceremony on Sunday complete with a brawl.

However, there’s no record of a marriage license between the two, meaning they likely aren’t bonded together.

As noted by Page Six, the Las Vegas ceremony started 30 minutes late and lasted just 10 minutes. Then, the reception at the Sugar Factory restaurant ended 30 minutes early because, Paul said, “The owner of Sugar Factory is trying to shut us down right now. Low key he’s being a bitch.”

Page Six also noted that, after the party broke up, Paul and Mongeau were seen leaving in opposite directions.

Even Logan Paul, his older brother’s best man, was unsure of the relationship and told Page Six he thinks the new marriage could last “a month” or a “month and a half.”

But the reception’s biggest highlight (or lowlight) came when somebody threw champagne at Paul and Mongeau, which sparked a wedding day brouhaha. A video of the incident, via YouTube reporter Josh Pescatore, shows Paul pushing the offender. Then Paul’s friend, Arman Izadi, the wedding’s officiant who was recently accused of using a homophobic slur against a former Team 10 member, physically confronted the unknown guest. Logan Paul also was seen trying to punch the person.



But remember: Paul has been known for his fake relationships in the past, and Mongeau is now an MTV reality TV star (the network’s camera crews were reportedly in attendance). Plus, both perform for YouTube, which isn’t exactly known for truthful presentations about this sort of thing.

Who knows if the wedding, the brawl, or even the relationship between Paul and Mongeau has any basis in reality? It most likely doesn’t.

The only Twitter comments made by Paul were a link to where fans could pay $50 to watch a live stream of the nuptials (yes, that was actually a thing) and to say “WTF” in response to a video of the dustup.

Mongeau, meanwhile, tweeted, “Someone just threw a glass of champagne at jake and I at the fucking altar holy fuck HAAHAHAHAHAHA. jana don’t need no press. wow. just married. honestly made it better…. to slow dance while they scream. i love you @jakepaul ….. hello tana paul!

The Daily Dot’s search of marriage licenses granted in Nevada didn’t show any records with the names of Paul and Mongeau. This means the marriage (and probably the relationship itself) is completely fake. Fortunately for Paul and Mongeau, the page views, attention, and money spent on the live stream were very real.


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