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Mikey Tua/YouTube

Yes, 15-year-old Danielle Cohn pretended to get married for YouTube views

Mom pulled the plug on the hoax.


Josh Katzowitz


Former Musical.ly star Danielle Cohn has certainly figured out how to use YouTube to her advantage. Even if her content is telling a false narrative and upsetting people in the process.

In the past week, the 15-year-old Cohn has confused fans with two vlogs in which she and her boyfriend, Mikey Tua, tell their families that she’s pregnant and then celebrate with a wedding to each other in Las Vegas.

The family acted outraged at the news that Cohn reportedly is pregnant, but almost immediately after that vlog was uploaded, people wondered whether it was all a big hoax. Turns out at least part of it is. Cohn’s mother, Jennifer Cohn, told BuzzFeed that the nuptials never happened.

“It was a YouTube video like most YouTube people do for clickbait,” she said. Jennifer Cohn also added, “She committed to her best friend in Vegas … legally they can’t get married.”

BuzzFeed reported that there was no evidence that a marriage license had been issued for either Cohn or Tua.

For the past week, though, the young couple has tried to convince fans that they’ve made a lifelong commitment to each other, earning nearly 7 million videos across three videos. Both posted the date of “8/14/19” on their Twitter accounts—seemingly making a due date reference—and then she posted these messages to social media.


On Tuesday, the pair released another video, titled “We went to the doctor,” in which she undergoes what’s supposedly her first ultrasound (though there’s no doctor, no medical equipment, and nothing actually to prove that she’s telling the truth).


Jennifer Cohn reportedly didn’t respond to BuzzFeed’s questions about whether her daughter actually is pregnant, but some people are upset about the latest video—particularly when plenty of women have a difficult time conceiving on their own.

If the pair is trying to fool their followers by getting married, it would also make sense that she’s not actually pregnant. As Jennifer Cohn said, “People prank and do all kinds of stuff on the internet.” In this case, though, not everybody appreciates it.


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