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Does ‘Inside Out’ hold up when all the ‘inside’ scenes are edited out?

Now where are the tissues?


Michelle Jaworski


Inside Out is a film that takes place largely inside the mind of an 11-year-old girl named Riley and uses emotions to mess with your emotions, but when you take out the “inside” part of it, is the movie just as compelling?

At the request of a redditor on r/movies, Jordan Hanzon cut out all of the scenes occurring inside of Riley’s mind to create a more than 15-minute edit that still manages to encompass the pains of growing up and moving away from the only home you ever knew as Riley is on the brink of puberty.

There are no adventures between Joy and Sadness or the emotional journey they each go through, and there’s certainly no Bing-Bong. But it can still pack a punch and we’re left with what we usually see on the outside: a girl who has a range of emotions that can switch off at any time—and with no explanation.

Screengrab via Jordan Hanzon/Vimeo

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