This wolf from an animal sanctuary in Florida bears a strong resemblance to the popular Reddit meme. 

With memes rampant on Reddit, it’s only natural that some of them spill over into real life. This may be more likely to occur with certain types of memes more than others, such as the advice animals genre.

It’s not very likely that we’ll run into to the Philosoraptor on the street any time soon, though a perhaps more terrifying real-life version of a meme popped up on Reddit Monday morning.

A redditor posted a photo of herself with a wolf named Yuki at an animal sanctuary in Florida. Yet, as the thread’s poster christaf and some other redditors point out, the wolf bears more than a passing resemblance to the Insanity Wolf.

Yuki “loves women, showing off to visitors, and being super goofy,” according to the photo’s caption.

The wolf tends to be a little more wary of males than women, since he was abused by a man. “He tolerates some [men] and has made friends with a few. If he has one of his girlfriend volunteers visiting, he doesn’t want men near them,” wrote christaf, who’s a volunteer at the Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples, FL.

If Yuki truly is Insanity Wolf, christaf best be careful: The wolf has some very strong opinions on friendship.

Photo via Reddit

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