Meet Hwang Min-Woo, the kid star of “Gangnam Style”


Psy’s Mini-Me says he wants to be bigger than Psy himself!

The secret’s out: The world now knows the identity of the biggest little man on YouTube.

Hwang Min-Woo is the 7-year-old Mini-Me behind Psy’s omnipresent “Gangnam Style,” the little guy in the white tank top doing Psy’s moves even better than Psy could himself. The tiny tyke, who’s already a brand ambassador for mobile phone distributor LG, has been bringing the noise and the funk to dance studios throughout South Korea since 2010, when Psy first discovered him on the set of the star-making show Korea’s Got Talent.

According to a Reuters report published last month, Hwang Min-Woo fancies himself a pretty good singer—one who could grow up to be even better, and more famous, than Psy himself, he goes so far as to say—but we just watched the clip and concede that he’s off about a half step and has a ways to go before he starts showing up on any of our Spotify playlists.

So take that, kid. Go through puberty and then get back to us. And don’t forget to practice those dance moves in the meantime.

Photo via OfficialPsy/YouTube

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