Fox loses broadcasting power during Game 1 of the World Series

Luckily, an MLB International feed was there to save the day.

Feb 29, 2020, 5:06 pm*


Josh Katzowitz 

Josh Katzowitz

What must have been the worst nightmare for Fox as the network broadcast the first game of the World Series actually occurred in the bottom of the fourth inning when the network lost power to its broadcast truck, knocking out the game for the U.S. audience.

And Major League Baseball had to delay the game until order could be restored.

For a few minutes, this is what Fox viewers who were watching the Mets battle the Royals saw when they looked at their screens.

Fox, after a few seconds, threw back to the studio where host Dan O’Toole stammered and vamped for a few minutes with analysts Dontrelle Willis and Eric Karros until Fox was saved by the MLB International Feed. When viewers were returned to the game, it was clear the game had been stopped, apparently because, as reports stated, there was an inability to review replays.

Both teams reportedly agreed to go without replays until power could be restored, and the game was restarted.

Of course, the entire nightmare led to all kinds of Twitter ridicule.

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Luckily for Fox, the International feed was solid, leading to a couple of very important questions/observations.

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In all, Fox lost power for 23 minutes, and considering Yahoo successfully broadcast an NFL game on the Internet last Sunday with hardly a blip, it wasn’t the network’s luckiest moment.

Update 10:19pm CT, Oct. 27: Fox has issued a statement regarding the outage: 

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Photo via Fox Sports

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*First Published: Oct 27, 2015, 11:29 pm