1,000 Italian musicians play ‘Learn To Fly’ together to attract the Foo Fighters’ attention

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Ever since Foo Fighters guitarist and singer Dave Grohl broke his leg after falling off the stage in Sweden, bands like Florence and the Machine and Faith No More have taken the Foo Fighters’ European festival slots and played covers in homage to Grohl and the injury that briefly kept him out of action.

But we’ve never seen a Foo Fighters cover quite like this.

Yes, that’s 1,000 musicians playing “Learn To Fly” in the hopes of convincing the band to visit Cesena, Italy. And yes, it sounds incredible—especially given how difficult it must have been to get that many people together to play a 4-minute song.

It may not getting more metal than Grohl sitting on a throne and rocking out with a broken leg, but those 1,000 Italian musicians put together a fantastic choir-like cover.

After listening to the song and watching the video, this much seems clear: the Foo Fighters should probably book a gig in Cesena ASAP.

Screengrab via Rockin’ 1000/YouTube

Josh Katzowitz

Josh Katzowitz

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