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The color guard meme just bumped a 40-year-old Fleetwood Mac song back on the Billboard chart

Thunder only happens when it’s raining.


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Fleetwood Mac‘s 1977 single “Dreams” is back on the Billboard charts after a video of a high school color guard team dancing to the classic rock song made the rounds last month.

It all started with a viral tweet. Twitter user @bottledfleet combined footage of the dancing teens with the karaoke hit, and tied it into a “me, an intellectual” joke, proving once and for all that it is possible to dance to Fleetwood Mac songs.

With over 131,000 retweets and 311,000 likes to date, it’s safe to say the world agreed.


The tweet took off and apparently introduced the track to a new generation of listeners. According to the Fader, “Dreams” has seen a 36 percent uptick in download sales and a 24 percent rise in on-demand streams (up to 1.9 million) since March 22.

The cherry on top, though, is that according to Billboard, the tweet has rocketed “Dreams” all the way to No. 16 on the Hot Rock Songs chart.

Not bad for a song that came out 40 years ago.

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